NFT Drop

Stay tuned for the first generation planet NFT drop. Each NFT will be later used to interact within the web app.

NFT's will continue to be built on, as we get closer to web app launch.

Web App Release

planeNiftys web app will allow everyone who purchased an NFT of a planet to interact with each on this platform.

Each NFT purchased will be a sector of planets linked together within a sector of planetNiftys universe.

Crypto E-Commerce Platform

A decenteralized e-commerce site is scheduled to be released later on in the year, allowing all NFT planet owners to interact with each other, in purchasing goods and or services.

Virtual Reality Experience

As we continue to move forward with our overall design, the final and ultimate experience for an out of this world experience.

Building a VR experience for NFT holders to traverse the planetNiftys platform to interact with other members, visit their planets, purchase goods, play games and much, much more.


planetNifty's is planning on being the first crypto e-commerce web application on the planet.

Imagine a platform which allows all planet owners within different sectors to buy and sell goods, interact within their own communities via VR and beyond.

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